California Proposing Laws To Help Prepare For More Natural Disasters

California has been hit hard by natural disasters in recent months. Hundreds of people have died in the wildfires and other natural disasters. Governor Jerry Brown and other lawmakers have proposed laws that will help people prepare for another disaster. State officials have already warned Californians and told them that they can expect to see more natural disasters in the future.

Dave Jones is an insurance commissioner. He stated that natural disasters will become more common in California. He also stated that there is no such thing as a fire season anymore. Fire season will be all year long in California.

The Senate has proposed a bill that will require insurance companies to pay out at least 80 percent of the insured policy limit. Even if people do not have a full list of items that were damaged or lost, the insurance companies are also required to make a payout. If this bill is passed, then it will also cover people who were affected by the wildfires last year. This bill is known as Senate Bill 897.

The Senate has also proposed Senate Bill 894. This bill allows people to combine coverage from their primary homes and other buildings. They can use this insurance in order to rebuild and repair their primary residence.

Governor Jerry Brown has also proposed increasing their budget for the 2018 to 2019 fire season. He wants to give $2.27 billion to the California Department of Foresty and Fire Protection. This is a $1.3 billiion increase from four years ago.

The proposed plan will also include $100 million to pay for four new firefighting helicopters. Additionally, there are several other proposed bills. If the bills are passed, then homeowners will have lower fees. There will also be more translation services available for people who speak a language other than English.