California May Soon Return to Drought Conditions, Experts Say

 Drought Conditions

Despite the snow giving citizens a relief from the excruciating drought, some areas of California are already slipping back into dry conditions. Experts say the rest of the state may not be far behind.

ABC7 reports that, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, drought-like conditions can already be observed in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties. Additionally, around 44% of the state was found to be in the middle of a moderate drought despite the snow in certain areas, making a startling increase from last week's 13%.

To make matters worse, the snowpack intended to supply water to many of the state's residents throughout the year did not meet expectations. Compared to previous years, the snowpack barely reached a third of the hoped for amount. After lifting the drought state of emergency classification not even a year ago, California might have to reissue it very soon.

The drought is hitting southern California the hardest, though, with cities like Los Angeles seeing record heat waves and little precipitation. Roughly 5% of the state is now classified as being under a "severe" drought, as well, something that hasn't happened since the year prior and not nearly in this much of the state.

The massive drought affecting the state has been causing problems for some time, most recently in the form of the December wildfire that measured as the largest in state history. Even once finally put out by rain, the dryness of the area caused mud and rock slides to devastate whatever had yet to be burned up.

In the Central Valley where the largest amount of California's agriculture is grown, officials had the foresight to install irrigation systems to fight drought a few years ago. Even so, towns and cities outside the borders of the valley are still in dire need, with bottled water deliveries continuing to this day.

If anything can be looked at as a positive in this situation, it's that the state's total water reserves remain higher than previous years overall thanks to last year's rain. Despite this, the drought does not seem as though it will end any time soon.