The California Heat Wave Is The Work Of Climate Change According To Scientists


California is getting hotter. The state is 1.5 degrees hotter than it was in 1895. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but that is enough to make heat waves longer and hotter. Hotter heat waves mean more smog, more wild fires, and more crop damage. The California grape growers know the hotter it is, the worse it is on the grapes. Winemakers can’t make great tasting wine with spoiled grapes. Friday’s 106-degree heat in San Francisco broke the 1874 heat record. It even beat the unbearable heat in 2000 when the thermometer hit 103 degrees. The National Weather Service says there’s a massive high-pressure system hovering over San Francisco, and the wind is not cooling off coastal areas.
San Francisco’s weather is not like the weather in Southern California. Summer in the Bay area usually means space heaters, jackets, and high heating bills. Many San Francisco homes don’t have air conditioning, and when folks get into their cars, they expect it to feel cool, but thanks to the heat wave, getting into a car is like stepping into a deep fryer.
San Francisco is not the only California city feeling more heat than the heat from a basket of Mexican peppers. The city of Santa Rosa hit 110 degrees, and cities like Santa Cruz and Salinas are experiencing record-breaking temperatures. San Jose temperatures hit 108 degrees, and the temperature in Richmond hit 102 degrees. All of those temperatures were record-breakers, and the heat wave isn’t over, according to the National Weather Service.
California is a good example of how climate change is changing the dynamics of America. The impact of record-breaking heat will hurt California’s economy. Heat waves make cities spend more money to save crops. And cities spend more to protect livestock and other products that support the large California economy.
Governor Jerry Brown’s climate change summit is coming up, and the heat will verify what the summit is all about. Climate change experts are trying to reinforce the message that if the heat continues to increase, the world is in for a global meltdown. This is a new era, and if the right steps are not taken to keep the temperature from rising another 2 degrees, the devastation from the heat will cause massive damage to the environment as well as to the way people live and work. Despite the political debate about climate change, there is no debate among the scientists who study climate change factors. They say the devastating heat is real, and it’s not going away.