California Gets First Female And First LGBT Senate Leader All In One

The advancement of Senator Toni Atkins to the top leadership role in the California State Senate would be historic simply given that she is the first woman to serve in the role. However, with this particular State Senator California reaches another historic milestone by having the first openly LGBT Senate leader in its history as well.

She is taking over the role as the State House and Senate face a number of difficult issues going into the November elections says NBC Los Angeles. The State government has to contend with a number of sexual harassment allegations that have surfaced in the media in recent weeks and months. All of this while trying to deal with the typical day to day business of a state Assembly in the first place.

At least for this moment there is something that the State Assembly can point to as progress for them. That being that they are putting the first woman and first openly LGBT individual into this particular Senate leadership role.

The Democrats no longer have a supermajority in both chambers of the State Assembly as they once enjoyed. They have lost some members who resigned following sexually harassment scandals. That means that while they still have a rather large majority in both chambers, they cannot simply pass whatever they like simply on the strength of their own votes. They do have to consider input from their Republican friends.

Atkins herself has been known to have pushed for more reforms and work on handling sexual misconduct charges that are made against those in positions of leadership. She has wanted to make sure that lawmakers understand that they are not above the law in any way. If anything, they have a stronger duty to uphold the law and the principles of decency and trust. They are supposed to represent the people of California, and many of them have done a terrible job of doing that in recent years.

There are other legislative accomplishments that this new leader points to as groundbreaking as well. She has helped to advocate for LGBT rights, fair housing, and immigration policies. She is a liberal lion so to speak and fits in well with the culture and politics of modern California. The Democrats are lucky to have someone like this taking on a leadership role at a time when the State Assembly seems to desperately need a leader for themselves.