California Evacuates as an Atmospheric River Make a Landfall in the State

Atmospheric River

California is expected to receive a catastrophic amount of rain beginning Wednesday afternoon through to Thursday. The City State will receive massive amounts of water as a result of an Atmospheric river. The section commonly termed as a river in the sky is a narrow region that transports high quantities of water vapor equivalent to the water on the mouth of River Mississippi. The atmospheric river is set to make landfall in California releasing a massive amount of water vapor inform of rain. The forecast shows that much of it will fall in the fire-scarred regions in South California. The storm will cause flash flooding, occurrences of mudslides, and flow of debris. As a result, officials have ordered residents of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties to evacuate immediately.

According to CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri, it’s of concern when such a situation occurs in one state. Such an amount of rainfall equals that which falls in the United States. Now, imagine such an amount of rain concentration in one state. The region that was previously affected by the Thomas wildfire is expected to receive 6 Inches of rainfall in less than two days. The Thomas Fire burned an estimated 281,900 acres in the states of Santa Barbara and Ventura. Santa Barbara County has ordered the evacuation of about 30,000 residents living in areas considered to be high-risk areas.

Incidents of localized flooding are expected. As a result, there will be road closures not limited to the areas affected by the fire. Additionally, the officials are on high alert in the emergence of mudslides, debris flow, and rock falls. Los Angeles ordered the evacuation of residents from areas affected by La Tuna Canon fires. Additionally, residents living close to high-risk areas were requested to prepare for evacuation and expect street closures. In Ventura County, there were mandatory and voluntary evacuations.

The department of weather says that the storm will come in phases of moderate and heavy rainfall. It’s expected to subside on Friday. The atmospheric river above the state of California is known as the Pineapple Express. The river carries moisture from the tropics near Hawaii and often brings rain and snow to the West Coast. According to the National Weather Service, the storm should hit at a rate of half to three-quarters of an inch per hour. The mountain and foothills should expect a total of five to ten inches of rain.