California Capitol Has Wild And Inappropriate Parties Say Some

Sexual harassment is something that has been on the minds of a lot of people as of late. It is a concern for so many because these types of stories can take place virtually anywhere. In fact, we are learning that these stories often start with famous people that otherwise might not be assumed to do these types of things.

It turns out that some of the men who operate around the capitol in Sacramento are concerned about meeting with women outside of work according to NBC News. These men have said that they feel that they have to walk on eggshells when it comes to meeting with women outside of work. They fear being accused of something that they did not do.

Part of the culture of the business that gets done at the capitol is that many meet after work to have dinner and drinks. A lot of business actually gets accomplished in these social settings where everyone is supposed to feel a little more comfortable. However, these social gathers and parties are not quite as easy going as they once were.

An issue with these parties is that some people have taken advantage of them to do things that they never should. There have been lawmakers who have been accused of stalking female staffers, and even putting his hands down her blouse. This was something for which the lawmaker was criticized, but nothing more came of it. He was able to get away with what he had done for the most part. This makes the women who attend these social events feel that they are not completely safe.

There have been other issues that have come up with these parties as well. There have been at least five cases of lawmakers being involved with drunk driving in just a period of four years. This is why the Senate decided to provide around the clock transportation to some of the spots that lawmakers frequently go to in order to attend to their socializing. However, this program too points to a culture of partying that perhaps should not be tolerated much longer.

Lawmakers are not allowed to make their staffers attend after-hours events, but a lot of those staffers feel that it is the only way in which they will expand on their career. Thus, many are put in situations with which they are not all that comfortable, and perhaps for good reason.