California and China Sign Deal for Clean Technology

California and China Sign Deal for Clean Technology

California and China have signed a deal for developing of clean technologies in order to deal with climate change. Governor Jerry Brown had earlier said that California will continue with its plans to reduce carbon footprint and work towards improvement of clean technology. After Trump administration announced pull out from Paris Climate accord, leaders all over the world have condemned the move announced by President Donald Trump. California has been on the forefront in improving green energy sources.

The ministry of Science in China and California government announced the deal on Tuesday. Both parties will explore ‘climate positive’ technologies and investment opportunities. China has pledged impressive moves to reduce its carbon footprint and develop renewable energy sources. Even after the Paris accord decision announced by Trump administration, many countries across the world have confirmed their earlier pledge to deal with climate change.

During his official visit in China, Governor Jerry Brown said that he is confident and the deal signed by China and California will offer better opportunities for clean energy sector.

"The world is not doing enough," Governor Brown said. "We are on the road to a very negative and disastrous future unless we increase the tempo of change."