California’s Deep Space Industries aims to land Robotic Lander on Near-Earth Asteroid

California’s Deep Space Industries aims to land Robotic Lander on Near-Earth Asteroid

Deep Space Industries has been planning to land a spacecraft on a near-earth asteroid by 2020. If everything goes as per plans, there will be a lander on a nearby asteroid in search of valuable space minerals, announced the asteroid mining company based in California.

The company’s 30-year plan includes setting human colonies in space. To achieve the milestone, researchers will need several kinds of raw materials that could be harvested from asteroids, said Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries.

Until now, no space company has succeeded in taking samples of life-supporting minerals from these space objects, but Deep Space Industries has decided to take the charge. Earlier, the company revealed its plans to launch its Prospector X spacecraft into low earth orbit next year. From there, the tiny craft will test technologies planned to use in future space mission, as per the company.

After that, the company’s first asteroid-bound Prospector 1 will take off from earth.

About the asteroid mission, Faber said in a statement, “We’ll begin to survey the asteroid from a long way away, getting an idea of the shape. As we move closer and get higher quality spectral data, we’ll start to understand where on the surface are the best places to find resources”.

The craft will touch the surface of the asteroid in the last phase, the CEO continued. Before making plans on space colonies, it is important to understand properties of these space rocks, as per Faber.

If Deep Space Industries succeeds in landing a craft on the asteroid, it will be eligible to lay claim to its resources. A treat in 1967 doesn’t allow a space company or a nation to interfere in earth’s space plans, said Faber.