California’s Adult Use Marijuana Act may succeed in its goal in this November voting

California’s Adult Use Marijuana Act may succeed in its goal in this November voting

It is estimated that 58% of all Americans believe that use of marijuana should be made legal. In California, 60% registered voters say they will vote in support of legalizing marijuana for recreational purpose during vote this November. In the state, most promising marijuana campaign appears to be California's Adult Use Marijuana Act, which would allow adults to keep and grow small quantities of cannabis for personal use.

There are eight states which will vote in favor or against marijuana legalization this November. The states include Florida, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. If the California’s Adult Use Marijuana Act receives enough support from voters, it will ensure adults in the state have right to possess or grow small quantity marijuana for personal needs.

In addition, it will also form a regulatory framework for the plant's commercial production and decide taxation of its retail sale. Many laws on behalf of marijuana use are already in place in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. It appears that in California the ballot will be successful this time.

According to estimates, legalizing marijuana with certain restrictions could benefit taxpayers' savings with $100 million annually and would result into up to $1 billion in new revenue. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), the California Medical Association and the California Democratic Party, among others have shown their support toward the initiatives related to marijuana legalization.

Banning marijuana affects economy in many ways, it affects its growth. This gives rise to illegal marijuana circulators. On contrary, if Marijuana is legalized while considering factors such as to when, where, how a legal cannabis market should operate, much is done to make improvement at reducing breaching of law and making cannabis available for genuine needs.