Calexico Border Wall News

Calexico Border Wall

In Calexico, California, a project that will construct 2.25 miles of solid border wall was initialized in February 2018, and is slated to replace a poor, weak wall that is currently constructed from landing mats used in the Vietnam War, which was made in the late 1990s.

Justin Catrejon of the United States Customs and Border Patrol shared with news media sources, "In this area, we've experienced a lot of border crossings and the activity that comes with that. A lot of illicit border activity, including human smuggling, drug smuggling and any violence that may come because of that."

The new steel fencing being erected in Calexico will be 30 feet high. According to another quote shared by Mr. Castrejon, "This project started back in 2009. The planning, the need for it, and we just got the funding last year in 2017 to start the project."

Even though it may seem like this border wall is part of President Donald Trump's plan to construct and erect an expensive, multi-billion-dollar, tens-of-feet-high border wall across the border between Mexico and the United States, it's actually entirely unrelated to the president's wishes.

Trump's border wall will feature a design that is required to be built among the entirety of the structure, without deviation. Although the style hasn't been nailed down yet, the current border wall in Calexico that's being constructed most certainly doesn't resemble any prototypes President Donald Trump has shown an affinity for yet.

The United States Congress, composed of the 100-member Senate and 440-odd-member House of Representatives, has not yet approved any funding for the wall. It might not fund the border wall, though experts believe a consensus will eventually be reached in terms of a source of financing. It will, all-in-all, require a whopping $18 billion in funding to be completed.

Border Patrol agents will be able to see through the upcoming wall in Calexico, allowing the agency's members "to see the threats as they come to the border to allow us more time to deploy our assets, if necessary," says Castrejon.

Calexico is one of the most popular spots for illegal border crossings from Mexico, which is why the stretch of wall is being constructed. Last year, the area detained a whopping 18,000 people, of which 21 agent assaults committed by people crossing the border were recorded.

The Calexico project will cost $18 million, and be completed sometime in October 2018.