BT unveils new Smart Hub router with ‘unbeatable wireless range’

BT unveils new Smart Hub router with ‘unbeatable wireless range’

In a recent announcement, UK broadband provider BT has unveiled its latest router --- the BT Smart Hub. The new router, as per BT's claims, boasts the most powerful Wi-Fi signal in the country.

Touting that the new Smart Hub router has an 'unbeatable wireless range,' BT said that the Wi-Fi signal of the router is more powerful than that of its broadband competitors; thereby ensuring a faster and more reliable connection.

BT has revealed that when -- during the testing stage of Smart Hub -- the signal was asked to pass through one wall, it was possible for users to get online with a tablet up to a distance of 350 metres, and with a laptop from a distance of 500 metres.

Asserting that the new BT Smart Hub router marks a significant advancement over the company's previous-generation Home Hub 5 router, BT said that the Smart Hub boasts the inclusion of SmartScan technology. The inclusion of the technology paves the way for active monitoring of Wi-Fi performance and current usage, so that the requisite changes can be made automatically to eliminate interference and improve the connection quality.

The standard contract-free retail price of the BT Smart Hub router is £129.99. However, the router is currently free to new BT Infinity customers as well as current Infinity customers who renew their contracts.