Breaking Down The Rules Of Fashion With Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of the popular cosmetic company Lime Crime. The company has over 3 million followers on Instagram alone. Doe started the company in 2008 after moving from Russia to New York. One of the reasons that Doe started Lime Crime was to give women a way to wear makeup and hair colors that would make them feel like a unicorn. She often changes the color of her hair so that it's in pastel or bright shades and often wears makeup that is bold and intriguing instead of plain and simple. Doe wants women to understand that it's alright to be different and unique, which is why there are a few fashion rules that she feels that it's okay to break at times.


One of the things that many people are told is that it's not a good idea to combine multiple bold colors on the face. Some people wear dark lipstick with a darker eyeshadow, which is a rule that they break. However, Doe doesn't see anything wrong with making a statement by wearing bold makeup. She sometimes wears dark red lipstick with blue eye colors or even bright blue lipstick. It's all about being happy with who you are and the colors that you like.


You've probably heard the rule that you shouldn't mix too many colors together when you're trying to decide what to wear. Some people don't want to wear too many colors at one time because they don't want to stand out in the crowd while others don't want to appear too much like a rainbow. It's alright to wear several colors as long as they are in the same color scheme. Doe has a few combinations of colors that she enjoys wearing from time to time, such as hot pink and mint green or peach and blue. There are a few fashion companies that are stepping outside of the box to deliver unique color combinations with their products, such as Prada.


Patterns are another issue that you've probably been warned about. It's often seen as a big no-no to mix patterns because they will clash. Doe has an idea that will allow you to wear multiple patterns as she does the same thing. It's all about finding patterns with colors that go together. Patterns should make a statement and are fun to combine together as long as they are complimentary.


When you wear sandals or any other kind of shoe with an open toe, you might not feel comfortable wearing socks with them because you've been told that it looks odd or that these types of shoes aren't made for socks. Doe is a believer that socks are fun to wear and that you shouldn't hide them away in a drawer. Your shoes and socks can coordinate and be a part of the outfit instead of your socks being hidden by sneakers or left at home. One of the things that Doe enjoys is being able to look at her feet to see that extra bit of color that matches her outfit for the day.


There are many times when you might see a color that you want to apply to your hair but are afraid of what it would look like with the clothes you wear. Most people believe that you shouldn't wear clothing in brighter colors if your hair is dyed. However, Doe is a woman who usually changes the color of her hair to bright hues, such as vibrant blue, purple or pink. It's alright to wear clothing in brighter colors, but you might want to think about how intense each color is so that they don't look too overwhelming. Pastel colors go well with vibrant shades while bold colors will work well with colors that are a bit lighter, such as a sky blue or baby pink.


Whether you're 16 or 50, you've likely been told to dress your age instead of trying to look older or younger. Part of being an individual is being able to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Doe wants women to know that they can step out of the box, wearing clothing that makes them feel happy instead of clothing that is made for their age group. Doe doesn't have clothing that she wears for a special occasion, which is another rule that people tend to stick with.


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