Brave Software to launch its ad-blocking web browser in September

Brave Software to launch its ad-blocking web browser in September

In a recent announcement, startup Brave Software said that it has efforts underway to launch its Brave ad-blocking web browser for desktop as well as mobile devices in September.

The announcement of the forthcoming launch of the Brave ad-blocking web browser comes within weeks of a disclosure by Brave Software that it raised a $4.5 million seed round investment in July, from bigwig venture capital firms and angel investors including Pantera Capital, Founders Fund's FF Angel, Propel Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, and Digital Currency Group.

About its new ad-blocking web browser, Brave Software said that Brave will be an open-source web browser which will have the capability to block invasive ads and online trackers; thereby offering its users a faster and safer web experience.

According to the details shared by the company, Brave web browser blocks online ads automatically, rather than replacing online ads with its own programmatic ads. With Brave to get a 15 percent cut of the ad revenue, the backers of the ad-blocking browser claim that the built-in ad-blocking capabilities of the browser helps reduce the page loading times, and also protect users against malware-infected ads.

About the Brave web browser, Brave Software's President and CEO Brendan Eich - former CEO of Mozilla - said in a statement that the browser "fends off intrusive ads and stops the collection of personal details by third parties, enhancing not just browsing speed, but security and privacy."