Blue Origin steals SpaceX’s thunder once again

Blue Origin steals SpaceX’s thunder once again

Private-sector aerospace firm Blue Origin stole SpaceX’s thunder once again by launching a rocket into space, bringing it back and successfully landing it on land for the second time.

In the most recent attempt, Blue Origin launched its New Shepard booster into space, 63.2 miles from the surface of Earth, and successfully managed to land it back at its Texas launch facility. It was the company’s second such successful feat. Previously in November, the same rocket travelled 62.4 miles, and returned to Earth, and made a safe landing.

Following the second successful test flight that allowed the company to test new landing software improvements, the company’s founder Jeff Bezos said the landing accomplished its main objective of demonstrating “reuse” of rockets.

With the two successful landings of the rocket, Blue Origin has outshined Elon Musk-led rival space firm SpaceX, which failed several times to successfully land its Falcon 9 rocket back on Earth.

Both Bezos and Musk admit that deep space missions, such as Mars mission, can become feasible only with reusable rocket technology.

Space industry experts say that when a company plans to ferry people into space, for work or leisure in the future, it can not throw the hardware (rockets) away every time. It will have to launch and land and then reuse the same rockets again and again to cut costs.