Blackberry will no more use in-house operating system, says CEO John Chen

Blackberry will no more use in-house operating system, says CEO John Chen

Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has cleared that they will no more use Blackberry OS in any of the new phones it has planned for the 2016 calendar year. Blackberry has received positive response for the Blackberry Priv, the company’s latest launch and the first to run the Android operating system.

Experts also believe that it is a good decision to completely shift to Android. There are many software and app developers that are not focusing on Blackberry after its share dropped alarmingly in the last few years.

The change has been made, but it is surprising to believe that Blackberry has quit its in-house operating system. It has been said so as the company has remained committed to its operating system even when Android and iOS have crushed it.

It is being said that the decision might have been taken to avoid the fate of former competitors Palm and Nokia. They were also quite dedicated to their own software platforms, which was one of the reasons for their eventual failure and acquisition.

Chen said that Blackberry will launch a product in 2016. It is being rumored that the phone would have a fixed keyboard. The announcement could not save Blackberry from sliding to its lowest in almost a year. Blackberry’s global market share has declined below 1%. Its shares fell 8.5% to $8 on Thursday.

The decline was the company’s biggest since January 2015. But Chen has not lost hope and said that he expected to make the company facing losses into a profitable one. The CEO said that he would keep making smartphones if he can make the unit profitable.

Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Financial LP, said that some investors want Blackberry to quit the device business and focus completely on growing software revenue.