Beware Of Your Doppelganger If You Want The iPhone X


Californians got their first glimpse of the new iPhone models, including the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus and the much anticipated iPhone X, which is pronounced iPhone Ten. While the phones will not become available until later this year, CEO Tim Cook said the new models were a big leap forward. Prices were announced ahead of the November shipping date; the iPhone X will be $999, while the other two models are going to be less expensive.

Apple changed the iPhone X's surface; it is all glass now and it uses facial recognition, dubbed FaceID, to unlock the phone. Fingerprints and the home button are out, FaceID will work, according to Apple, even if the user grows a beard, puts on glasses or accesses the phone in semi-darkness. The odds are one in a million that a random person could unlock the phone, although these odds drop with family members. Identical twins could unlock each other’s phone; Apple suggests people with a twin use a passcode. No mention was made of doppelgangers.

Apple's new models offer wireless charging, surprisingly using Qi, the industry standard, so users can easily find an affordable third party wireless charger. Apple's AirPower charger won't arrive until next year.

Apple also gave those who attended the unveiling at the company's futuristic campus in Cupertino, California a glimpse of the Series 3 Apple Watch. Users do not have to link to their iPhone to make calls, send messages or stream music. If the excitement proves too much, the $399 watch can also check the user’s heart rate.

The event took place at the Steve Jobs Theatre, otherwise known as the spaceship. Cook talked about Steve Jobs and how people can use iTunes to donate to the hurricane victims, however, he left out any political commentary this year.

Pre-ordering for the iPhone X starts on October 27, 2017.