AT&T rolls out new smartphone app which can block spam phone calls

AT&T rolls out new smartphone app which can block spam phone calls

On Tuesday, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T said that it is launching a new smartphone app which will be capable of blocking spam phone calls. The new smartphone app being rolled out by AT&T is called 'AT&T Call Protect.'

The new Call Protect smartphone app launched by AT&T is a network-level feature which will sound an alert to the carrier's subscribers, before they pick up their phone, if an incoming phone call could possibly be spam.

In announcing the new Call Protect app, AT&T said that the customers on the company's postpaid plans with support for HD Voice can activate the new app for free. The app -- available for iOS and Android platforms -- will automatically block phone calls from numbers which have been flagged as "fraudulent."

The numbers to be blocked can be manually specified by AT&T customers for a period of one month. The Call Protect app will send notifications to the customers when spam calls get through. The notifications will be accompanied by an in-call popup which will enable customers to accept or deny the call.

With regard to AT&T's rollout of the new Call Protect app, Jeff Bradley - the company's SVP of device and network services marketing - said in a press release that "Nuisance calls are an industrywide problem that unfortunately affect many people;" and added: "We've listened to our customers and know they want a network that provides tools to proactively assist in blocking nuisance calls."