Approval Sought for New Van Nuys Apartment Complex

Van Nuys Boulevard

Developers in Van Nuys are seeking city approval for building a new six-story apartment complex. Developers will have to tear down three buildings and a parking lot to build the proposed complex. The 174-unit structure will sit at the intersection of Van Nuys Boulevard and Kittridge Street. Tentatively known as Van Nuys Plaza, the project has been met with much enthusiasm from neighborhood leaders. Jason Ackerman, a member of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, welcomed the new building, telling reporters, “More housing in Van Nuys is a good thing as long as the units are priced in such a way that the residents of Van Nuys can afford to live there.” Ackerman in part approves of the project because it contains ten low-income housing units.

Ketter Construction, the company spearheading construction of the complex, hopes that the project will benefit from planned expansions of the Los Angeles Metro. Currently, the city proposes to link the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink station with the Van Nuys Orange Line station. The project will allow for eased transportation to Van Nuys and is expected to break ground in 2021.

Ketter also plans to have retail spaces in the apartment complex. Currently, the company proposes the structure’s ground level be dedicated to commercial spaces and parking areas, while the remaining five floors would be solely used for residential purposes. Among other structures planned for the complex are a gym, recreation center, and pool. Boaz Miodovsky, a manager at Ketter, says the company hopes the structure will serve the Van Nuys community, pointing out that while the area that the complex will occupy is a busy area, it is still largely underdeveloped. While neighborhood officials welcome the new building, the project must cross several hurdles in the city government before construction can begin. In addition to the Planning Commission, the Los Angeles City Council must approve the building. Should the project gain approval, Ketter estimates that construction on the complex should only take about 15 months.

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