Apple is reportedly working on interactive home speaker to challenge Amazon Echo

Apple is reportedly working on interactive home speaker

In a recent report, The Information has hinted that tech giant Apple is apparently looking to regain its dominance in the 'personal digital assistant' arena --- a market which was originally created by Apple in 2011, when it launched Siri with the iPhone 4s model.

Though Apple was a pioneer in the personal digital assistant market, it has, of late, lost its dominance to Amazon, especially after the launch of the increasingly popular Amazon Echo device - with Alexa personal digital assistant - last year.

Moreover, Apple is also set to face potential competition from Google's parent company Alphabet which has recently announced its own plans to roll out a personal digital assistant device dubbed Google Home.

According to The Information report, Apple is evidently looking to dominate the personal digital assistant market again with an interactive home speaker which will challenge Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The interactive speaker which Apple is reportedly working on is essentially an always-on, voice-activated speaker, which has the capability to perform simple tasks -- playing music, controlling lights, or ordering dinner -- based on voice commands.