Apple Employee’s buses attacked with pellet guns.

Apple Employees

Last week, it was reported that around five buses that belonged to an apple company windows were allegedly smashed with what was believed to be a pellet gun as they were transporting employees to the company’s headquarters.

One of the bus window was shattered on a Friday evening when the bus was travelling back from Francisco heading to the company campus. Then three more were smashed in another suspected attack that took place on Tuesday morning. And then another attack followed Tuesday evening according to reports by the Apple staff.

Information from an email that was sent to the company’s employees read that nothing was confirmed yet and that they suspected a pellet gun was used in all the incidences. Lucky enough no employee was injured.

Art Montiel, a California highway public information officer confirmed this incident. He reported that they received a number of reports on charter buses that were attacked and windows damaged while transporting employees on the I-280 highway. He said that they were not yet sure what caused the damage but they were not ruling anything out.
Mortiel reported that he was not sure if the attack was indeed targeted at the apples company’s buses as they were all unmarked. The attack could have been on any other company i.e. Facebook or even Google.

Mortiel said that he had not yet received reports or claims from other private vehicles or company buses that they were a target. He further reported that most buses from various tech companies were painted with distinct colors i.e. Apple’s buses are painted white, Facebook’s are blue while those of Google’s are white.

The Apple Company told their staff that their transport coaches will seize from using the highway on I-280 with immediate effect until the issue was resolved. Mortiel was in disbelief of this strategy saying that if at all some people were targeting their buses they will in no doubt find them no matter where they go, they will not be invisible.

Such incidences are not new, many corporate coaches that transport workers to their respective homes have allegedly been reported to have been attacked. This is evident that buses have become a symbol of gentrification that protestors use to air out their discontent in a particular matter. They brandish banners, damage and block buses from travelling trying to convey some information to the company i.e. trying to push down for house prices for all the employees that are not paid six figure salaries.
The Apple Company didn’t make any effort to respond or make any comments in regard of the matter.