Apple is blocking ‘F.lux’ app for jailbroken iOS devices out of market

Apple is blocking ‘F.lux’ app for jailbroken iOS devices out of market

According to a Forbes report, tech giant Apple is blocking a popular app – called ‘F.lux’ – out of the market.

The F.lux app, which is only available on jailbroken iOS devices, basically gives the users the ability to make alterations to the kelvin scale lighting on devices, so as to minimize the side effects of blue light.

To market the F.lux app, the engineers working at the app’s creator, F.lux, highlighted the fact that the app has the capability to restrict the effect of blue lighting on the quality of sleep by controlling the amount of light emitted.

The reason why the much-in-demand F.lux app is being blocked out of the market by Apple because the app’s concept is being rebranded by the company as a native feature for the forthcoming updated iOS version -- iOS 9.3.

A side-by-side comparison of the F.lux app and the distinctly similar iteration of the ‘reduced blue light impact’ concept being introduced by Apple in the iOS 9.3 update clearly shows that Apple’s rendering also gives iOS users the control to restrict the kelvin scale lighting at different times of the day. In fact, Apple’s feature also allows users to make use of location services to adjust the lighting in accordance with local sunset times.