Apple’s iOS 10 has seen faster adoption than any other OS version

Apple’s iOS 10 has seen faster adoption than any other OS version

According to the statistics released recently by market research firms, the adoption rates of the latest version of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system -- iOS 10 -- are recording an impressive growth. The new iOS version was launched by Apple barely a month back.

The data published by the market research firms, like Fiksu and Mixpanel, specifically shows that the iOS 10 adoption rates have been faster than the adoption rates of any other OS version.

As per the Fiksu data, the iOS 10 version is currently installed on 66.7 percent of active devices. The figures indicate that the newest iOS version is now being used by the majority of users of iOS devices --- iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A similar trend in iOS 10 adoption rates has also been reported by Mixpanel. Going by the Mixpanel statistics, the adoption rate of iOS 10 version – as of October 7 – was 65.38 percent. The firm had earlier reported that iOS 10 adoption rate on September 30 was 55 percent.

Interestingly, the market research firms’ data shows that the iOS 10 adoption moved quite slowly during the first two weeks of its launch, but saw a quick acceleration towards the end of September.

About the impressive iOS 10 adoption rate, Tom Cummings -- VP New Market Strategy at Fiksu – said: “We’ve never seen this kind of acceleration in the adoption curve for an iOS upgrade.”