Apple’s first Brooklyn store opens July 30

Apple’s first Brooklyn store opens July 30

Tech giant Apple is set to open its first store in Brooklyn. The store is located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood; at 247 Bedford Avenue, on the corner of North 3rd Street. It has an apt Brooklyn-like feel, thanks largely to the use of abundant exposed brick, as well as concrete floors and a timber ceiling.

The Apple Store in Brooklyn is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 30.

Though the Apple Store in Brooklyn is not as grand as most of the other Apple Store locations in New York, it boasts the incorporation of some of the new Apple Store design elements which were unveiled by Apple in San Francisco earlier this year.

The new Apple Store elements which have been incorporated in the Brooklyn location include a central “forum” area with a 6K video screen for presentations; and a boardroom in which small businesses will be given information about Apple products.

The Apple Store in Brooklyn, however, will not have a separate Genius Bar area, because the ‘geniuses’ -- that is, the company’s tech support -- will be available for customers’ help throughout the floor.