Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE aimed more at international markets than US

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE aimed more at international markets than US

Apple's newly-launched 4-inch iPhone SE model appears to be aimed largely at the international market and less at the US market. It is being speculated that the company has specifically geared the handset towards capturing a bigger share of the Chinese smartphone market.

The 4-inch iPhone SE is an affordable iPhone model launched by Apple, particularly for customers in emerging markets. The cost of the handset begins at $507.

Since the new iPhone SE is Apple's first "budget" iPhone which comes with a top-of-the-line processor and camera, one of the biggest attractions of the handset is its price-to-performance ratio. The features of the 4-inch iPhone are fairly akin to those of the iPhone 6s model, except for the fact that the smaller handset has a lesser screen space and lacks the 3D Touch feature.

With the iPhone SE priced at $250 less than the iPhone 6s model, recent reports have indicated that the new handset is already gaining popularity in China. According to a report released on Monday, retailers have preordered at least 3.4 million units of iPhone SE.

Meanwhile, other than attracting Chinese customers, the new 4-inch iPhone SE will also likely help Apple in gaining market share in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Though these markets are more affluent than most of the other international markets, iPhone sales in these markets have evidently been affected by the higher prices which Apple charges for its devices outside the US.