Amazon UK is selling some video games only to Prime members

Amazon UK is selling some video games only to Prime members

According to a VideoGamer report, the UK branch of online retail giant Amazon has made a number of video games in its inventory exclusive to customers with Amazon Prime memberships.

The disclosure by VideoGamer implies that customers who have not subscribed to Amazon's Prime membership - costing $99 a year - are apparently not able to purchase several video games from the Amazon UK website.

The report has revealed that the 'Add to cart' option does not show up for customers who are non Prime members when they try to purchase certain video games from Amazon UK. In place of the 'Add to cart' option, such customers are reportedly accosted by a tiny blue box which entices them to test out the Amazon Prime service for one month.

The move by Amazon UK to restrict the availability of several video games -- including GTA 5, Far Cry Primal, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Battlefield Hardline and Rainbow Six Siege -- only to Amazon Prime members has evidently infuriated regular customers without Prime memberships.

Meanwhile, in response to the VideoGamer report, Amazon said: "One of the many benefits of Amazon Prime is access to exclusive selection on a number of great products. Customers who are not Prime members can sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, or they can purchase those items from a Marketplace seller."