Amazon Is Moving into University City


Online shopping titan Amazon just made a major real estate investment. The corporation has now signed a lease on a 107,000 square foot building at 10300 Campus Point Drive. The new office space is sleek and modern: it features glass walls and electronic vehicle parking, and can house up to 500 employees.

The decision came after Amazon announced that it was searching for a headquarters in North America that it can use in addition to its hub in Seattle, WA. Cities can bid for this privilege up until October 19. However, Amazon will give preference to areas that have 1 million residents or more. While the company already has a smaller office space in Solana Beach, their new facilities will move them closer to the city center.

An Amazon spokesperson explains that San Diego is the ideal choice for the company for a number of reasons. It is positioned in an area with incredible local talent, as well as connections to the international stakeholders that Amazon does business with on a regular basis. Employees can enjoy a superior quality of life while working for a major corporation. Amazon's choice to set up shop in San Diego therefore creates a win-win economic situation for both the company and the city.

Although it remains unclear when Amazon will make the big move, the company has already cultivated a relationship with the office of Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer in order to make the transition smooth. The city's Regional Economic Development Corporation is ready to welcome their impressive new neighbor. The office states that they have developed a construction plan that will ensure that enough apartments are built to house new Amazon employees. They have also anticipated the traffic issues that will result from this population increase, and have abatement processes already in place.