Amazon announces Alexa’s browser-based home --- ‘’

Amazon announces Alexa’s browser-based home --- ‘’

Online retail giant Amazon has said in a recent announcement that it has rolled out a new web app called ',' which is essentially a browser-based home for Amazon Echo speaker's digital assistant Alexa.

Announcing the '' web app, Amazon said that the Alexa's new browser-based home will basically give consumers and developers a dedicated space to acquaint themselves with the personal assistant before actually ordering the Amazon Echo.

The launch of the '' web app by Amazon underscores a noteworthy move by the company because, until now, most of the consumers and developers had to purchase the Echo speaker - available at select retail stores - before they could try out Alexa's capabilities.

Sharing details about '' -- or, technically, "Alexa in the browser" -- Amazon said that Alexa's new browser-based home is a creation of hacker Sam Machin, who previously made the digital assistant accessible through smartphone. The development of "Alexa in the browser" dates back to a hackathon in 2015.

Revealing that "Alexa in the browser" became inspiration for ',' Machin said: "I've found this really useful for testing out Alexa integrations and developing new skills as I can have it open on my desktop and not have to shout to the Echo downstairs. It's also another option for accessing Alexa when you are out [or] if you have an Android phone."