Alleged North Hollywood Arson Suspect Detained


According to abc7, the Los Angeles police claim to have detained a woman matching the description for the suspected arsonist in connection with several fires across North Hollywood.

According to investigators, the suspect, 35 year old Angelina McWhirter, was seen to match the profile of the suspect, having many physical similarities to a person alleged to be the arsonist caught on video recently. After checking her records, she was detained on an unrelated warrant related to bringing contraband material into a jail, with police and the Los Angeles Fire Department currently investigating whether or not they've found the right person.. Though they have yet to make a conclusive link, with spokespeople from the department refusing to comment so far, the police are somewhat confident in their claim at the moment.

Police have been investigating this case since September, with over 10 different fires within a 2-mile radius of the North Hollywood area started without cause. In nearly all the cases, these fires seemed to have been intentionally set. Targets included things like cars, sheds, trees, and more. Last Thursday alone, four different fires were spotted in the area, with at least one being captured on video.

In footage obtained from A1 Home Improvement on Victory Boulevard, the suspect is seen riding up to the store's parking lot with a large bag. Reaching into the bag, the suspect took out an unknown item and place it under the fuel tank of a nearby truck, setting it on fire. A1 Home Improvement's owner, Richard Moran, called police as soon as he saw the footage, fearing how volatile the fire had become in such a short time while worrying it could spread enough to burn down both his store and the houses located behind it.

The story is still developing at the time of this report.