Alaska health officials visit Bethel to investigate into string of salmonella infections in city

Alaska health officials visit Bethel to investigate into string of salmonella infections in city

Last week, Alaska health officials were in Bethel for an investigation into a string of salmonella infections citywide.

As per KYUK-AM reports, the Alaska Division of Public Health team went to Bethel to determine the source of six verified salmonella cases in the regions this year.

On Sunday morning, while speaking to Channel 2, Louisa Castrodale, a state epidemiologist, said that Alaska usually sees 80 to 100 cases across the state every year. She said that six infections is a huge number for a small region in such a short span. She added that the infections probably belong to contaminated food or was caused by coming in touch with a salmonella affected person.

According to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, salmonella, officially salmonellosis, is an infection caused by salmonella bacteria present in the intestinal tracts of animals. Humans generally contract it when they consume foods infected with animal waste.

Castrodale said, “We see salmonella in all parts of the state, rural and urban. There are lots of different kinds and different sources”.

The infection can lead to severe, at time deadly symptoms in young kids, frail or old people and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy people can suffer from fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain due to it.

According to Castrodale, the team of investigators is still trying to determine a common source or reason for the cases, which isn’t known so far.

On Wednesday, three people from the state’s health department were in the town of roughly 6,300 people in the south central region of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and stayed through Friday.

Government statistics suggests that from 2011-2014, Alaska had a total yearly count of between 55 and 83 verified Salmonella cases.

Officials have told the natives of the Bethel area seeing Salmonella infections symptoms recently to visit a doctor.