26-Year-Old Gets Operated For Evil Twin, a Tertoma

26-Year-Old Gets Operated For Evil Twin, a Tertoma

Yamini Karanam, a PhD student at Indiana University's School of Informatics, suddenly started having trouble in academics.

The 26-year-old said she started having difficulty in understanding basic information as well as in communication with her friends and colleagues. She faced constant fatigue and slept for two weeks straight, she said.

Karanam in her blog wrote that at a phase she started having severe headaches and even started to miss her school and work.

After visiting a long list of doctors it was clear that Karanam had a cyst on her pineal gland, a small oval shaped structure located deep in the center of the brain.

After knowing the cause she visited some more doctors to get further opinions, but neurosurgeons were hesitant to operate her tumor due to its location, which posed a lot of risks for surgery.

But after some time Karanam found a surgeon, Dr. Hrayr Shahinian at the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, who specialized in keyhole surgery, which is a minimally invasive technique for extracting tumors from deep within the brain.

Dr. Shahinian during the procedure made a small incision in the back of the skull allowing the surgeon to insert an endoscope to reach within the brain to extract the tumor.

After having a closer look at the tumor doctor found that the cyst in her brain was actually a teratoma, a tumor made up of different types of tissue that often contain hair, teeth and bone.

So far the origin of these tumors is not clear, but as per some experts teratoma come when cells of an embryonic twin are absorbed into the body of a developing fetus within the womb.

Karanam told NBC Los Angeles that her embryonic 'evil twin' that never developed has been torturing her for the past 26 years.