By 2020, All Residents in California will be required to have A New driver’s license

A new driver’s license by the state of California is set to be issued. As a Californian resident, you will not be able to get into a military base or even board a plane without it by 2020. The driver’s license has been work in progress for several years, but the state of California has not started to issue them yet. This was according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Jessica Gonzalez, the California DMV spokesman, said that the driver’s license was not a mandatory legal requirement. She said that if you were not accessing military bases in any way or boarding a flight, you would not need it. The new driver’s license is as a result of the Real ID act that was passed by Congress after the unfortunate terror attacks of 9/11. The act was passed into law in 2005.

Gonzalez said that following the enactment of the law, the Department of Homeland security established the Real ID. This was a standardized document in the form of a card that would serve both as an identity card acceptable by federal authorities and a driver’s license. According to the DMV spokesman, the cards will start being issued to the public on January 22, 2018. She continued to say that it would be the last step for the state of California where people would visit DMV’s offices physically and re-establish their identity. This is if the individual is willing to have the new driver’s license because it was not mandatory.

Acquiring a real federal ID requires more than what is necessary to get your driver’s license renewed. Residents of California will need to bring a pay stub or a W2 form with your full social security details printed on it, your birth certificate and your social security card. A proof of your current physical address or area of residence will also be required. Gonzalez said the DMV was planning to bring back the Saturday working hours and recruit more staff in 60 locations in California to deal with the anticipated rush across the state.

Although the cards will not be issued until January next year, federal authorities will not require you to reproduce the card when flying or entering a military base until October 2020. People who don’t want the hassle of acquiring the new Id but still want to board a flight, can bring in a valid US passport. Authorities warn that you will be stopped by security if you don’t have a real ID or a passport after October 2020.