A 14-Year-Old Boy is Arrested for Impersonating an Officer

High Desert Juvenile Detention Center

It's understood that teenagers like to do mischievous things. It's also true that little kids like to wear costumes and pretend to be someone else. Finally, it's also true that impersonating an officer of the law is something that is likely to get you into trouble. In a fascinating story, all three of these things blended together in Victorville, California.

It was in Victorville that a 14-year-old boy put on a sheriff's uniform with what appeared to be a gun strapped to his belt. He then sauntered up to a home, knocked on the door, and said he was there to investigate a domestic disturbance. After a brief exchange where the homeowner stated nothing was wrong, the boy left. He then did the same stunt at two more homes.

Eventually, the boy was caught. His name is not being released because of his age, but it was revealed that the boy was on some type of probation. Additionally, a search of the boy's home led real police officers to discover uniforms, simulation firearms, counterfeit money, and even ballistic vests. Currently, the boy is being held at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center. The boy began his antics on Monday, March 5th. He was booked and placed at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center the following day.

The boy was able to visit the homes by driving his grandparent's Ford Explorer equipped with flashing blue lights. He was taken into custody after the first homeowner reported the odd exchange with the police.

Later, it was discovered the teenager had also pulled over at least one person on the road for speeding. The teenager let the driver go with a warning. The police in Victorsville are asking anyone else who had contact with the teenager posing as a sheriff to contact law enforcement.

Impersonating an officer of the law is a serious crime. Unfortunately, with the aid of the Internet, it is all too easy for people to acquire clothing and materials that look like they belong to real officers. Impersonating an officer erodes public trust and puts both the impersonator and the public in great danger. Hopefully, the teenager will be held accountable for his actions.

What do you think about what this teenager decided to do? Do you believe it was a thoughtless prank, or do you believe the young man should face some serious consequences? Let us know in the comments below.