13 malnourished children rescued from a house in California

malnourished children

The police reported having rescued thirteen undernourished children from home in California. The children were from one family and that their ages ranged from two to twenty-nine. It was said that some of the kids were chained to poles and beds. The parents of the children were apprehended with immediate effect and taken to the police department for further questioning.

The parents were charged with torture and mistreatment. The police said that they made this discovery on a Sunday when a girl of 17 years old managed to escape from their house in Perris, east of Los Angeles. The teenager also grabbed a mobile phone when she was fleeing which she used to contact the police. The Riverside County sheriff confirmed this and further said that when he first saw the girl, he thought that she was ten years old.
The police officials later located the house where they found 12 children locked inside. They were shocked to realize that among the children there were seven adults. The police also reported in a statement that they found the kids in total mayhem, that they were untidy, dirty and malnourished.

The county police further made a statement that the children’s parents Louise Anna Turpin 49 years and David Allen Turpin 57 years spent some time at the police station where they were interviewed and were found guilty of two offenses. They were charged with over ten counts of endangering the lives of their kids and nine incidences of extreme torture. The police said that two couples were held on a $9million bail.

The police also reported that out of the thirteen children rescued six of them were minors and the rest seven were 18 years of age and above. The kids also confessed to the police that they were frequently starved and tortured.

The family lived in a very densely populated area that was closely spaced. The police further carried investigations and found a Facebook page that revealed Mr. and Mrs. Turpin once got married. In the picture, they were surrounded by ten female kids that wore matching purple colored dresses. The image suggested a family picture, as three male kids were dressed in suits.

The police contacted one of the neighbors who answered the call but refused to be identified. The neighbor said that the neighborhood was not that old and that he had never interacted with the Turpins before. He further said that had not noticed anything unusual with the Turpins. The parents are scheduled to be arraigned in court on Thursday.