‘Spare the Air Alert’ to Be Effective in Bay Area

‘Spare the Air Alert’ to Be Effective in Bay Area

A ‘Spare the Air Alert’ will be effective on Monday in the Bay Area, announced the Bay Area Air Quality District in a recent statement. This isn’t the first time when the alert has been issued for the Bay Area. In 2016, officials announced the alert eight times before the new announcement.

On Monday (July 25), the air will be at unhealthy levels due to high levels of air pollution in the region and high temperature. The some from the Monterey County fire has also played a major role in the newly issued alert, as per the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

People are asked to stay alert as some of the Bay Area regions could experience temperatures around 90 degrees. The unhealthy combination of smoke and high temperature with exhaust from vehicles may lead to a harmful ozone accumulation, as per the officials.

In the statement, the district advised residents to use vehicles only if it is necessary. People should prefer options like bike, public transportation or carpool. For shorter distances, they should walk, it added.

Other recommendations given by the district are: Avoid the use of gas-powered lawn mowers and the use of lighter fluid on the barbecue.

The district has also warned to fine those people who will burn wood when Spare the Air alert is effective. According to it, if a person is found violating the rule, he will be fined $100 for the first time. If the same person repeats it, he will receive fine of $500.

A Spare the Air Alert is announced when the air quality in the Bay Area is found unhealthy. According to experts, the Bay Area air can be found harmful a number of times throughout the year.