‘Peeple’ --- a controversial people-rating app

‘Peeple’ --- a controversial people-rating app

This week, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough -- two non-technical founders of a Calgary-based startup -- announced the launch of a controversial people-rating app called `Peeple.' The free app - currently available for the iOS platform - is now available for download.

The Peeple app -- the development of which was outsourced by the two founders to Y Media Labs -- allows users to applaud or criticize anyone they know. Users simply have to sign up for the app, and leave their reviews about any individual --- be it a friend, co-worker, boss, an ex-partner, or even the local service professionals.

The newly-launched Peeple app has already grabbed the headlines for being a creepy, bully-inspiring app, since its most-criticized feature is that it does not allow people to opt out of being reviewed by others.

Against the backdrop of the fact that the app enables users to review other people, irrespective of whether or not other people want to be reviewed, The Washington Post has termed the app as "terrifying."

Meanwhile, the app's co-founder Cordray, who is a talent recruiter, has asserted that the Peeple app is misunderstood. She said that the app should be seen as a kind of LinkedIn endorsement because it essentially unfolds a mechanism for people who know someone to vouch for the character of that person.