‘Original sharing’ on Facebook has dropped sharply; company trying to reverse trend

‘Original sharing’ on Facebook has dropped sharply; company trying to reverse trend

According to The Information, a newly leaked Facebook internal report has revealed that there has been a sharp decline in "original sharing" on the social networking site; and the company, obviously, has efforts underway to reverse the trend.

With 'original sharing' referring to intimate and personal statuses which Facebook users share on the social network, the leaked internal report from Facebook shows that personal posts from users are apparently witnessing a disquieting plunge.

Going by the statistics revealed in Facebook's leaked internal report, 'original sharing' on the social network, as of mid-2015, recorded a massive year-on-year drop of 21 percent. Overall sharing rates on Facebook recorded a 5.5 percent year-on-year drop.

The Information has disclosed that the drop in 'original sharing' -- which is a staple of the Facebook newsfeed -- is being viewed as a big issue by Facebook, so much so that the company has taken steps to reverse the trend of declining 'original sharing.'

To address the issue, Facebook has tweaked users' timelines to give priority to original statuses; and has also updated the Android app with a design which makes it easier for users to share original content. In addition, Facebook has also, more recently, announced the launch of the Live Video feature, which allows users to share 'what's happening right now' in the form of videos that can be seen by their family and friends.